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The Samurai Mk1 is our racing class of FPV drone frames focused on bringing precision and speed to bear in a sub-250g frame. Meaning, “one who serves,” the samurai exemplified the warrior ethos grounded on discipline and unwavering devotion.

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Class:  Samurai

The Samurai is our racing class of drone frame focused on bringing precision and speed to bear embodied in a lightweight and durable chassis.  Translated as “one who serves,” the samurai were a revered warrior class during feudal Japan the ranks of which epitomized relentless discipline and unwavering devotion.

Flight Time
Version:  Mk1

The racing frame boasts individual, quick change 3mm arms requiring only two screw removals set with press-fit nuts to swap.  A 1.5mm thick brace plate secures the arms (and bottom slung lipo) to the 2mm bottom plate.  The top plate is 1.5mm thick.  Camera plates with a combined 2.5mm thickness form the camera cage with a clearance of 20mm (up to micro size).  All carbon fiber parts are cut from Toray T300 3K Twill matte black carbon fiber sheets.

Frame Weight:  39g
Propeller Size:  4 inches
Wheelbase:  181mm MTM
Frame Configuration:  Stretch-X
Motor Mounting:  9mm, 12mm
Stack Mounting:  25.5×25.5mm, 20x20mm, 16x16mm
Stack Clearance:  20mm
FPV Camera Mounting:  19x19mm (20mm clearance)

Recommended sub-250g components:

  • 140X-160X 3500-4500KV motors
  • Bi- or tri-blade 4″ propellers
  • 650mAh-850mAh 4S XT30 (80-100g)
  • AIO Whoop FC

1x  Samurai Mk1 Top Plate (1.5mm thickness)
1x  Samurai Mk1 Brace Plate (2mm)
1x  Samurai Mk1 Bottom Plate (1.5mm)
4x  Samurai Mk1 Arm (3mm)
2x  Samurai Mk1 Camera Plates (1mm inner and 1.5mm outer)
1x  Samurai Mk1 Fin
1x  Seppuku Lipo Strap (16mmx180mm)
Samurai Mk1 Hardware:
14x  M2x6mm Button Head Screws
10x M2.5x8mm Flat Head Screws
10x M2.5 Clinch Nuts
8x  M2x20mm Black Knurled Aluminum Standoffs


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