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  • Shinobi Mk2 Build Log

    The second iteration of our micro long range frame, the Shinobi Mk2 shifts focus to durability while still managing to maintain flight times.  As with the Mk1, the current design continues to be based around a 4S 1100mAh lightweight lipo spinning 4-inch bi-blades on low KV 1404 motors.  For cinematic capabilities, many iterations were undertaken [...] More
  • Shinobi Mk2 STL Files

    The following STL files were designed for or are compatible with the Shinobi Mk2 and available for download. Immortal T Antenna Tail Mounts Included are tail mounts for both the standard Immortal T and Mini Immortal T antennas designed to be printed in TPU. The minimalist tail mount simply secures to opposing standoffs and secures [...] More
  • Shinobi Mk1 Build Log

    As an endurance frame, this build aims to maximize flight time but also optimize signal reception both for radio control and FPV image.  At 237g AUW with a 4S 1100mAh lipo, the build relies on the efficiency from low KV 1404 motors spinning 4 inch bi-blades.  An onboard HD split-style camera serves to capture the [...] More
  • Shinobi Mk1 STL Files

    The following STL files were designed for the Shinobi Mk1 and available for download. Landing Skids Two sets of landing skids including 1mm as well as 2mm motor screw clearance to ensure that screw ends are not touching motor windings.  Note that the model needs to be mirror flipped to accommodate both sides of motor [...] More
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